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The Nude Alchemist - SPF30 SUNSCREEN - 30g

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Protect your whole family naturally this summer with our new 100% natural mineral sunscreen with SPF30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Safe 100% natural ingredients: your toxin-free, clean sunscreen choice this summer.  

  • Non-greasy feel: smooth, lightweight and sits comfortably on the skin, which makes it great for both face and body.
  • Baby-safe: suitable for all ages 3m+.
  • Eczema-friendly: gentle on the most sensitive skin, including eczema-prone.
  • Reef-friendly: no chemicals, making it a better option to safeguard aquatic life and their habitats.
  • A little goes a long way: no water, preservatives or filler ingredients. Every ingredient chosen has a purpose! 
  • Pleasant aroma: with hints of lavender and coconut, this sunscreen smells like summer. Sunscreen doesn't need to smell bad! 
  • Eco-conscious packaging: 75g in a recyclable 100% sugarcane tube, making it easy to apply and convenient for summer adventures while lessening one's carbon footprint.
  • Locally made: made here in Aotearoa with love.

How does it work? Rather than being absorbed into the skin like a traditional chemical-based sunscreen, the mineral UV filters (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in this case) sit on top of the skin and deflect and/or block harmful UV rays in a similar fashion to protective clothing. Mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are widely considered to be the gentlest and safest sun care products.

"Mineral sunscreens are like a healthy, home-cooked meal, while chemical sunscreens are like the fast food of sunscreens" – Lauren Ploch, MD, a USA board-certified dermatologist.

How is this different to your previous sunscreen "Sun-Barrier Cream"? Firstly, and most importantly, the new formula has undergone rigorous SPF testing in line with the new AS/NZS 2604:2021 standards and has been formulated in conjunction with cosmetic chemists. With a nod to our original formula, it contains most of the original ingredients with the same nostalgic aroma. We have added extra ingredients to: 

  • super-charge the SPF
  • keep the UV filters that protect your skin evenly distributed throughout the formulation
  • enhance the skin feel
  • delivered to you in a convenient tube (made from 100% sugarcane), making your summer adventures easier


For best practice, while having fun in the sun, remember the saying "SLIP, SLOP, SLAP and WRAP". As well as applying SPF-rated sunscreen, this includes wearing a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing and seeking shade where possible to avoid direct exposure to UV rays. 

Our sunscreen is tested against and meets AS/NZS 2604:2021 standards. Test results available below. 


Hot summer tip: Set the alarm on your phone so you reapply sunscreen regularly. 

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The Nude Alchemist - SPF30 SUNSCREEN - 30g CUTENESS The Nude Alchemist

The Nude Alchemist - SPF30 SUNSCREEN - 30g