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No Nasties Kids - Unicorn Bubbles Biodegradable Water Beads

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WOW!  The Water Bead craze is in full swing. 

Unicorn Bubbles are a shimmery rainbow mixture of colours.  Don't worry the shimmer is natural, no plastic glitter here!

No Nasties water beads are non-toxic, easy to use and encourage children to learn through sensory play, using hand-eye coordination - they are "slippery little suckers!"

They are teeny tiny little beads, about the size of a poppy seed before they are soaked in water after which they grow approximately 150 times their original size.


Pack Includes:

10g of water beads (approximately 500 beads)

Packaged in a recyclable soft plastic bag and a recyclable cardboard box

Instruction sheet


How to Use 

To grow them, you simply put them into a large bowl and cover with 5 cups of water and watch them expand over the next 5 or so hours. PRO-TIP - Use warm/hot tap water for faster growth.

One they have grown, drain away excess water and voila, you have a bowl of slippery, colourful, bouncy, ball fun! 

Water Beads Precautions & Safety Information These polymer water beads are Non-Toxic and 100% Biodegradable. These should be treated as water and not allowed in contact with moisture-sensitive surfaces or electrical appliances.  Do not keep the expanded product in direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children under 4 years at all times – May present a choking hazard. Keep unexpanded water beads away from children under 6 years as they present an ingestion hazard.

Do not swallow or eat this product or soaking water.

Do not dispose of water beads down the drain, simply place them in the garden.  Our water beads are biodegradable so simply put them in the garden and cover with some soil - do not place in fish tank or waterways.

Our water beads are non-toxic but are not suitable for human or animal consumption. - they are not a food product. We recommend washing your hands thoroughly before and after contact and to keep the water beads as clean and hygienic as possible, rinse off with water mixed with a little hand sanitiser once every few days.

Ingredients Acrylic polymers 95% + Water 5%

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No Nasties Kids - Unicorn Bubbles Biodegradable Water Beads Gifts No Nasties

No Nasties Kids - Unicorn Bubbles Biodegradable Water Beads