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Djeco - Do It Yourself - Kaleidoscope - Space Immersion

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Do It Yourself ! Kaleidoscope - Space Immersion

- Assembly is straight forward thanks to step-by-step instruction sheet.

- The accessories allow children to experiment with a variety of combinations of space-themed patterns (includes glow-in-the-dark stars, shiny imitation gems, coloured beads, illustrated acetate discs with illustrations of planets, rockets and more ...)

- The storage box for accessories and the base of the kaleidoscape allow everything to be tidied away once the activitiy has ended

Box size / 20 x 20 x 5.5 cm


Djeco's Do It Yourself range - a fun, creative activities made easy thanks to the specially designed contents and the detailed instruction sheet included with evey kit.  The Do It Yourself (DIY) range is an opportunity for children to exercise all their talents by creating unique pieces that simultaneously develop patience, creativity and dexterity.  Suitable for one or several children, depending on the type of activity, these kits will soon become a must to respond to your children's creative impulses.


Djeco - Do It Yourself - Kaleidoscope - Space Immersion Toys DJECO

Djeco - Do It Yourself - Kaleidoscope - Space Immersion